Schedule Overview

You will certainly find all dates of the educations and also all other dates in an chronological order in our calendar. To help you find at once all dates of a certain education we put them according to the education.

Registrations can be found at the according education or you'll find a direct link to the organization.

General Information

We cordially beg you that registering for a workshop, seminar, intensive and above all for educations should be done as soon/as early as possible. It is almost impossible to plan for both organizer and instructor if registrations come in only the last two weeks!

From our experience we recommend that you heed these things in order to enjoy a relaxed lesson:

  • Wear tight clothing!
  • Wear a non-rattling belt!
  • Switch off your cell phone!
  • Please read the dance hall rules!

Please, in case of questions, first ask the organizer of the event!
Instructors can give rarely information about the venue and financial arrangements.