Foto: Rainer Gutzmer


Already in her childhood Ghazala had first contacts with Middle Eastern Dance. Early she began to take classes in 1998 in Vienna/Austria.

In addition to her studies in business, she participated in the training for the Oriental Dance Art teacher in Vienna in 2006. The originally from Graz/Austria coming dancer embodies „Ghazala“ with her elegant, swift and graceful nature to its name — precisely a deer.

Substance and power in dance is credited to her education as jomdance-stage-dancer which she graduated in 2012. To this education she owes her love for the lyrical style.

Authenticity and honesty are her most important companions through the exciting life as a dancer, teacher and human being.

The young and motivated dancer dedicated her life to dance in the beginning of 2013. Ghazala likes to support the Middle Eastern Dance Scene in the Area of Graz by her new dance studio.


Finally!!! jomdance for me is the dance style in which I can develop artistically and which combines for me professionalism, commitment and dance.

It is a wonderful task to be able to implement Said el Amir's ideas and visions as a dancer and to be part of a unique and forward-thinking project to be.


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