Foto: Mako-Foto

is part of the first generation of jomdance-stage-dancers in Germany (Diploma 2007 in Offenbach).

Stations of her longterm dance and instruction career were — among others — Brasil, India, Japan, USA, and many more countries.

She is director and owner of the reknowned Orient Academy in Offenbach, ESTODA-Instructor and director of the Raks-Sharki-education as well as organizer of numerous stage shows.

Her trememdous repertoire and knowledge with focus on Balady and Raks Sharki combined with expression, feeling and passion form her trade mark. 


Many dancers defined as a main aim to establish the Middle Eastern Dance as a stage art form. With his jomdance-company Said el Amir goes consequently this way. The demand of performance in the company and the work as a team with other sophisticated and graduated dancers is enrichment and challenge at the same time.


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