The Choreographer — Said el Amir

Said el Amir founded on 07, 2011 January the jomdance-company.

The first 20 dancers, who were either already graduated jomdance-stage dancers or were still in education, were selected through an audition. Within the first year of existence, the company has grown together and took its present size and occupation.

Each production will have a new auditioned cast. Therefore it is guaranteed that each production is different from the previous or the following production.



My heart beats for the oriental dance!

Dance is evolving constantly, because the music is evolving. Each piece of music that I have chosen for this show, either has oriental roots or is clearly influenced by oriental themes. This music can and should not be interpreted traditionally. For this reason I have chosen the dance form 'jomdance - oriental jazz modern dance'. It offers me the ability to interpret modern music correspondingly, because I can fall back in addition to the repertoire of movements of Middle Eastern Dance to jazz dance and modern dance.

And yet, without traditions, there is no progress and without progress we were still living in caves! So I want to demonstrate with my choreographies from the 'roots' of the Middle Eastern Dance to its current 'crown' the spectrum of expressive possibilities, beauty and variety for to carry on the often-cited fire.

I am proud of having 16 highly trained dancers in my jomdance-company who enable me to realize my visions through the show *A Glance on Dance*.