Amira Almaas

during her studying of jura Amira encountered the Middle Eastern Dance.

Her ambition was awakened quickly and so she searched for more profound information and techniques in more sophisticated classes and workshops. In a project of Said el Amir she learned about the ESTODA-System which — at that area — was known „elementary technique“. The clear structure, the understandable and reasonable explanations and the thought-after structured class have made her a fan of both: Said el Amir and the ESTODA-Technique.

Consequently, she passed the ESTODA-education in 2007 in Hanover/Germany with honorable degree. Together with her colleague, Shalymar el Amir — also ESTODA-instructor with honorable degree — she opened the studio „Hayal — Oriental Moves“ in 2007 in Berlin, Germany.

2008 she added the „Oriental Dance Art“ education in Ulm/Germany by Havva, for history background, styles, rhythms and much more.

Amira successfully completed the jomdance-stage-dancer education and enhanced therfore her knowledge and skills concerning presentation of classical and modern Middle Eastern Dance as a stage art.

Besides educations Amira constantly enhances her knowledge by visiting workshops and projects with reknowned master instructors, especially Aziza/Canada and took intensively classes in Tribal Style (ATS, ITS).

The subject dance medicine with anatomy is one more focus of her work. Amira currently visit the education of „Spiraldynamik Basic Moves“ to develop a better understanding of the relationships of the movements and their physiologically sensible execution.

Her broad understanding of the ESTODA technique, its clear didactics, her dance-medical interest and love for teaching enabled her to advance to ESTODA-Instructor in 2009. Since 2013 she is leading the ESTODA technique training.

Amira's understandable explanations and individual corrections guarantee effective learning, their infectious enthusiasm and humor ensure that the fun is not neglected.