jomdance — jazz-oriental-modern-dance

In 2003 Said el Amir established this fusion in the Middle Eastern Dance section. He developped this dance form to raise the Middle Eastern Dance to stage dance standards.

Out of jazz dance, contemporary dance, parts of classical ballet and Middle Eastern Dance the essential movements are filtered and merged. Thus the contemporary Mid-East-Dance becomes a tv-suitable belly dance version and simultaneously an art form for the stage.

jomdance is suitable for all dances — without exception — that have an oriental reference in their motion repertoire.

jomdance is suitable for dancer who want to perform on stage or simply want to have fun!

jomdance as for the education requires a profound repertoire in movements and adequate knowledge of Mid-East-Dance history. We highly recommend at least level 4 of the level classification.

Projects and Seminars are — usually and if not mentioned differently — open for all interested students.

Advantages of jomdance

  • jomdance — jazzorientalmoderndance — offers you exactly this: Jazz Dance, Oriental Dance and Modern Dance in an especially conceived fusion for Middle Eastern Dance.
  • jomdance — jazzorientalmoderndance — enables you, in a very short time to develop a high degree of movement repertoire, which strongly enriches the Oriental Dance.
  • jomdance — jazzorientalmoderndance — offers you the opportunity to achieve knowledge of jazz dance, modern dance and ballet in a very short period of time for what you normally would need at least three years showing up regularly in several courses simultaneously.
  • jomdance — jazzorientalmoderndance — imparts in its special „stage module“, module 5, the whole know-how of stages, their buildings, stage lightning and above all how to construct own choreographies and how to use their impacts on the audience.
  • jomdance — jazzorientalmoderndance — refines your Mid-East-Dance up to a stage level.
  • jomdance — jazzorientalmoderndance — enlarges your spectrum of dance and makes you more interesting compared to other contenders of the Mid-East-Dance-Scene.
  • jomdance — jazzorientalmoderndance — enables you to start a dance career in the well-respected jomdance-company.
  • jomdance — jazzorientalmoderndance — opens doors to countless events, big dance and show productions all around the world.

Structure of the education

The education as jomdance-stage-dancer with diploma is an in-service education and lasts approximately 2 years until the final exam — depending on the term plus-minus two months.

The education is built upon five modules, all to be visited in a serially-modular sequence. The next level can be visited when the interim audit of the previous module has been passed successfully. Thus, every module ends with a theoretical and practical interim audit.

Module 1 to 4 imparts the tremendously wide spectrum of techique and repertoire. Passing the corresponding examns is prerequisite for module 5. This module provides the know-how about all around stages, own choreographies and stage lightning.

The interim reports are equated with a certificate of participation. 

The education ends with the „diploma of jomdance-stage-dancer“.  

Target Audience

jomdance from module 1 to 4 is an education for ambitioned dancers who search for a proper, dance forms overarching technique in order to refine their own dance style.

jomdance, the stage module 5 is for:

  • meritocratic dancers who wants to dance on stages.
  • dancers who already worked on stages and therefore want to have more information about stage work
  • very ambitioned advanced dancer searching for profound basics for stages.
  • creative dancers searching for possibilties to bring their creativity into new paths.
  • all dancers who want to present the Middle Eastern Dance on stage.

Module 1

2 Weekends, each 10 hours = 20 hours

  • Warm-up:
    • Joints warm-up
    • Cardio training
    • Roll-down
    • Feet excercises:
      • the most important feet positions in dance
      • Tendu
      • Elevé/Relevé
      • Pick-up
    • Pliés
    • Stretch
    • Abdominal training
  • Alignment:
    • errection of the column
    • controlling the axis of the legs
    • pelvis position
    • Arm postures/Port de bras
  • Balance excercises
    • on both legs
    • on one leg
  • Stretch:
    • short stretch
    • longtime stretch
    • stretching the right way
  • Theory:
    • dance specific vocabulary
    • sources of error
    • basic knowledge of anatomy
  • Home Chance
  • Tutoring/Mentoring/individual Feedback
  • Interim Audit for Module 2
    • theoretical part via online procedure
    • Warm-up with regard to sequence and quality 

Module 2

3 Weekends, each 10 hours = 30 hours

  • repeating and deepening the warm-up 
  • spatial directions and use of space:
    • Organization of space according to the Russian system
    • Usage of axes and planes
    • Energy-work and  und body awreness in space
  • Turns:
    • Tip-Turn en dehors + en dedans
    • Pivot-Turn
    • Pencil-Turn en dehors
    • Arabesque face vault en dedans
    • Arabesque-Turn en dedans
    • Coupé parallel en dehors
    • Coupé outwards en dehors + en dedans
    • Chaînés
    • Piroutte parallel en dehors
    • Piqué en dedans
    • Relevé lent en dehors
    • Compass-Turn/Off-Balance
  • Breathwork
  • Stretch
  • Tutoring/Mentoring/individual Feedback
  • Home Chance
  • Theory:
    • Enlargement of dance specific vocabulary
    • spatial directions
    • turns in theory
  • Interim Audit for Modul 3
    • theoretical part via online procedure
    • Turns have to be clearly differentiated
    • The focus is on the topic of spatial directions

Module 3

3 Weekends, each 10 hours = 30 hours

  • Repeat and deepen the warm-up, significantly more demanding sequences are incorporated.
  • Repeating the spatial directions and use of space:
    • Organization of space according to the Russian system
    • Usage of axes and planes
    • Energy-work and und body awreness in space
  • Drehungen:
    • Tip-Turn en dehors + en dedans
    • Pivot-Turn
    • Pencil-Turn en dehors
    • Arabesque face vault en dedans
    • Arabesque-Drehung en dedans
    • Coupé parallel en dehors
    • Coupé outwards en dehors + en dedans
    • Chaînés
    • Piroutte parallel en dehors
    • Piqué en dedans
    • Relevé lent en dehors
    • Compass-Turn/Off-Balance
  • Breathwork
  • Stretch
  • Tutoring/Mentoring/individual Feedback
  • Home Chances
  • Theory:
    • Enriching the dance specific vocabulary
    • Turns in theory
  • Interim Audit for Modul 4
    • theoretical part via online procedure
    • Turns are principal focus, differentiation and execution
    • Correct alignment in space, and use thereof

Module 4 

4 Weekends, each 10 hours and a 4-days-intensive with 40 hours = 80 hours

  • New, additional oriental-modern-dance-warm-up
  • Dance sequences for learning dynamics in dance
    • Tension and relaxation during the dance
    • Accents
    • Postures
  • Breathwork
  • Alignment/Attitude
  • Turns 
  • Storyboard work in dance
  • Movement and dance qualities
  • Working on different styles, contemporary Oriental styles:
    • HipHop
    • Lyrical
    • Latin
    • Modern
      • Graham
      • Limón
    • Pop
    • Rock
    • Soul
    • Swing
  • Stretch
  • Tutoring/Mentoring/individual Feedback
  • Home Chances
    • From weekend to weekendown dancesequenceshaveto be created
  • Theory:
    • Enriching the dance specific vocabulary
    • Basics of the different styles 
    • Creating combinations in different styles
  • Interim Audit for Modul 5
    • Theoretical part via online procedure
    • A special combination will be rehearsed that will be reviewed with respect to spatial directions, dance quality, sequences and expression

Module 5

6 Weekends, each 10 hours = 60 hours

  • Usage of both Warm-ups:
    • jomdance-Warm-up
    • Oriental-Modern-Dance-Warm-up
  • Analyses of music, music interpretation and choreography work in theory and praxis:
    • Developping two separate stage choreographies
    • Stage entrance and outro
    •  Presence on stage
    • Attitude before, on and off stage
    • Stage dance on real stage with lightning and direction
    • Professional Outfit before, meanwhile and after performances
  • Lightning:
    • Stage
    • Costumes
    • Dramaturgyoflight
  • Creating lightning plans
  • Repeat and deepen the contents of all previous modules
  • Tutoring/Mentoring/individual Feedback
  • Exam:
      • Via online procedure the theoretical part of the exam will be passed. All students get a certain time slot to work on the multiple-choice-exam in the alumni section of our academy.
    • The contents of module 1 to 5 will be reviewed and judged on the basis of the own stage choreographies on a real stage with own lightinginstructions and own music choice as well as in two group choreographies — one classical and one modern — by Said el Amir.
    • Module 5 ends with the final exam as jomdance®-stage-dancer with diploma. 

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