Guidelines for all educations


All educations need adaquate dance halls:

  • one dance hall offering enough space for at least 25 persons
  • adequate dance floor — no carpet, no tiles
  • adequate dayroom, locker rooms and sanitary facilities including showers
  • The premises must be heatable in winter

The organization or its representative is present throughout the whole period of education. She is available for the students in case of organizational questions.

Tasks of the organization

  • Advertising, electronically and in print, at least 1 year in advance of the education
  • Enrollment of students and maintaining the lists of participants
  • Checkout and Accounting
  • Billing and payment of the instructors' fee
  • Providing of training facilities
  • Assistance with accommodation and directions to the beginning of training
  • Answering organizational issues.

If the organization cannot attend one or more training weekends, she must provide an adequate, competent representation.

If the organization is also a student of our courses at the same time, it is subject to the same regulations and inspections as well as any other participant.

The only privilege for the organization in education is the permission to be allowed to continuously be present in the education even if not passed an examination. This is because of organizational reasons, to be present during the entire training. On the other hand, the organization is then excluded from all the following exams.

The head of education

The head of education has to be punctual for the courses. Furthermore the management has to be present the whole time during the lessons. If this is not possible an adequate representative has to replace this function. 

The head of education has to follow the curriculum and to provide the manuals. The latter have to be adjusted and updated if needed.

The head of education must ensure that the announced schedule will be met.

The exclusive film rights, photo rights and audio rights belong to the head of education. Any publications in print or online media are — for the purposes of advertising the training — the sole discretion of management education in consultation with the owners of the trademarks.

When less than 10 registered students in a module the Training Manager reserves the right to suspend the relevant module or merge with a same module in a different host city. 

School Regulations

The classrooms must be left clean. Theft is always displayed.

In case of emergency the instructions of the studio staff has to be followed.

The students have to behave companionable and to be helpful to their fellow students. Intrigues towards other students, organization or head of education lead to a unique warning and, if repeated to exclusion from the education.

The students have to appear in adequate exercise clothes, that is in leggings, jazz pants or tight-fitting pants and tight-fitting tops. A hip scarf or belt is optional. Any kind of noisy belts are prohibited.

Film and sound recordings by students are prohibited during the entire training. Photographs must be authorized by the course instructor.

In general, the „rules of dance halls“ of the jomdance-academy find application.

Participation and exams

Prerequisite for participation in the program is the timely receipt of the completed application form. In a not overcrowded course the right to participate is first serve basis. If a course run the risk of overcrowding, a „numerus clausus“ is introduced, which means that it will be selected on merit.

Registrations are legally binding. A change from one basic module to the other requires after the 4-week cancellation period always a written permission from the head of education and is possible only in exceptional cases!

  • Participation in the basic module of jomdance is possible without any prior learning in jazz, modern dance and ballet.
  • Participation in the basic module of ESTODA is without any previous qualification in Oriental dance, jazz, modern dance or ballet possible.
  • Participation in all higher modules of the educations presupposes the pass of the audit of the previous module. The test results are final, the decision is final. Passing an interim examination and the application to a higher module not automatically entitle to participate.

The examination of each module can be repeated at the beginning of the next module in consultation with the head of education. During an investigation not only the criticized part, but always the entire exam is repeated. In case of repeated failure to pass this training program can not be visited. Each exam may repeated as many times as liked. be retried If Passing the training can be continued in another training program.

At audits time overruns are possible, Upon this, the students have to adjust. For damage caused by time-outs, there is no liability on the part of management or training organization.

Furthermore, in audits generally bright clothes have to be put on — this would be for example light gray pants and a bright shirt. Wide or dark pants and dark shirts or wide ones lead to massive deductions in the examination grade!

Lateral Entry into higher modules is possible in exceptional cases and in the context of gifted talent's education. However, the test for the corresponding module must be passed for admission and then the theoretical and/or practical homework have to be reworked.

If a course is already being overcrowded, a „numerus clausus“ will be introduced among the candidates for the next higher module, which means that it will be decided according to the individual performances. Thus, passing a test does not generally entitle to participate in the next higher module in the same training program. The authority to determine the participation lies with the head of education and/or the organization.

If an education is interrupted for more than four months inbetween two modules the last passed interim audit has to be re-passed if the student wants to re-enter the education.

For module 1 to 4 the head of education is the only auditor of the interim audits. Observers may attend also. The final exam will be passed at external auditors which are nominated by the head of education. Nominated external auditors for all training programs are:

  • an acknowledged ESTODA-trainer
  • an active tamed® e. V. member with dance basic
  • a neutral observer / guest of the exam-show
  • as well as the head of education

Nominated external auditor for all training programs of ESTODA are:

  • Amira Almaas
  • Djamila Kotsch
  • Inci Brose
  • Said el Amir

In extreme cases, for example in case of sudden and/or permanent failure of the external auditor, the power of decision to nominate a replacement is exclusively with the head of course.

At the other extreme, for example, in case of sudden and/or permanent failure of the head of education full authority for jomdance is given to Lorena Galeano and to Said el Amir for ESTODA. They may decide how to proceed with all ongoing training courses and nominate also a replacement for the head of education.

For the classical group dance of the jomdance final exam students will have to buy a simple white dress. The choice for this will be discussed at the beginning of Module 5 with all students. The costs are kept as low as possible, but are borne by the students themselves. The same applies for possible footwear.

In the final exam the head of education is Co-auditor. The management of the final exam and the authority to determine passing or failure lie with the external auditors. Observers may be present.

If the final examination is not passed, the external auditors determine, how to proceed in individual cases: for example, if a module has to be repeated or if only part of the examination or testing need to be repeated.

The issuance of the certificate and the degree only takes place if all of the following are true:

  • successfully pass the theory test within the modules
  • submit and positive evaluation of the thesis/choreographies
  • successfully pass the practical exam
  • proof of payment of all modules.

The Head of Training can allow guest students to participate in special cases for a day or a weekend in the training. Participation of guest students do not need to be previously communicated to the regular students. The guest students are excluded from all tests.


The students have to be on time. They have to already be changed and steady to start the lessons in the dance hall. The Head of Education reserves the right to deny a student for late appearance to participate until the next warm-up.

For all modules of the educations compulsory attendance is obligatory.

At preventative an unsolicited certificate from a doktor or employer must be submitted. Otherwise, the absence will be counted as unexcused.

More than three times unexcused absence from training causes exclusion. In case of excused absences not more than half of the current module is to be missed, otherwise the module must be repeated.

Started modules must be paid in full. The non-attendance (excused or unexcused) in one day, or one or more weekends does not absolve from payment obligations of the appropriate module. About the exact payment, the organization of the respective training program informs at the start of education.

A missed weekend does not lapse. It can, if possible, be rescheduled in due time and free of charge in another host city. After completing the training lacked weekends should be rescheduled in one of the 4th module's weekend to make up leeway.

In total, only one weekend (excused or unexcused) during the current training program can be missed without obligations to catch up. All other hours remain to be rescheduled during the current training program in another host city. If this is not possible, the hours, even after already passing the final exam, will be rescheduled in another venue within a year. Failure to do so the diploma will not be awarded  and the entire final exam must be repeated (theory and practice).

Exceptions to this rule are generally not intended, in rare exceptional cases and on a joint decision of the Audit Committee, however, possible.

The training may be interrupted or terminated after every module but under no circumstances within a module. Missed weekends are credited and can be rescheduled in another adequate training program.

Participation in the training takes place at your own risk. The head of education is released from liability.

The Title

Before the end of the training no advertising shall be made with the protected terms jomdance® or ESTODA®. In personality profiles, ads, flyers and websites may be specified in accordance with the truth, in which module of the training the students are.

No certificates are granted for passed modules. Here, the certificate of the module exam gives proof of participation. Further participation confirmations will not be awarded.

After a positive evaluation of the module tests and passing the final exam, the entire diploma and the credits are transferred / sent.

Acquired by passing the final exams title may be out for a year. Within this year, refresher courses are required with a cumulative total period of at least 16 full hours duration per year. This can take place at all acknowledged team members of the jomdance-academy and by continuing educations listed on the webpage If no training is done, the title and the link to the alumni page expires.

Three documents are handed over/sent to:

  • The diploma/certificate the final examination, in which the title is mentioned, and that is signed by the head of education on behalf of all examiners.
  • Performance records on which the scores and grades of the final examination are performed.
  • The further education proof booklet. In it, all acknowledged further educations are to be entered and signed by the respective instructor.

All purchased titles entitle the holders to share their knowledge about it in a normal way as part of the generally accepted teaching.

The titles do not entitle at any time to promote jomdance-classes or jomdance-courses or jomdance-projects nor ESTODA-trainings or ESTODA-projects. Own performances may be promoted with the title.

The holders of certificates and/or diplomas are not entitled to educate qualified personnel or so-called "jomdancer" or "ESTODAner" at any time.

jomdance® and ESTODA® are registered trademarks and thus protected by law.

Only those who have completed the training in fact completely, and have received the completion certificate/diploma, are entitled to advertise with the term ESTODA or jomdance!

ESTODA-instructors who have completed their education by 2008, but then did not sufficiently visited acknowledged ESTODA acknowledged further educations may advertise with ESTODA as follows:
I attended the training for ESTODA instructor in the years [indicate the training period] and completed successfully in [name of the final year].

This rule applies only to ESTODA-instructors until 2008!

All others may use the term ESTODA truthfully as follows:

I have visited the education to ESTODA® basic-trainer in (town) in the year ... up to module ... .

I have visited the education to ESTODA-instructor in (city) in the year ... up to module ... .

More ads with the term ESTODA, for example, „I teach according to the ESTODA-sytsem“, „My teaching is based on the ESTODA®-system“ is allowed only for certified ESTODA-instructors.

Violations are unfair competition against the certified ESTODA-Basic-trainers and ESTODA-instructors, and lead to legal consequences.