Welcome to jomdance-academy

The jomdance-academy is a mobile academy.

This means that we do not have a settled studio in Munich. Our team is booked by sponsors all over Europe and abroad for giving tuitions at studios all over the world.

Due to this fact we do not offer regular courses. All seminars are mostly weekend events or seminars lasting several days at various places.

In most of these studios we offer different projects, which last several weekends. Detailed information concerning our dates are given in calendar.

We certainly offer also "normal" workshops, choreographies, coachings, etc.


General information

We would like to ask you to register precociously for workshops, seminars, intensives and above all for formations. It is almost impossible for sponsors, organizers and instructors to plan in a serious way if registrations come in only 1 or 2 weeks before the event.

Speaking from our own experiences we recommend to follow these advices:

  • Wear tight clothes!
  • Wear belts without coins or other noisy material!
  • Switch off your cellphone!

Questions affecting any organsiational information should be first asked at the belonging sponsor/organizer before asking the instructor.